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Information and Tutorials relating to your account and billing.

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Information relating to servers running Linux.

Minecraft (3)

Minecraft server information and tutorials.

Windows RDP (1)

Tutorials and Information relating to Windows RDPs

Most Popular Articles

 How to add funds to your account.

You can add funds to your account if you do not want to link your card. Invoices are paid...

 What happens when you do not pay an invoice

If you do not pay your invoice, your service will be suspended and marked as overdue.    Not...

 How to enable Remote Access to connect with Remote Desktop Client

Step 1: Click on your RDP in the Services pageStep 2: Click on firewall at the bottom of the page...

 How to cancel a service

If you ever need to cancel a service, this is how.   Follow these steps: Login to HostBit...

 How to install IPTables

IPTables usually comes installed already in most Linux distributions. If it is not installed on...

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